Welcome to River Valley Health & Wellness, where we provide the highest level of  holistic health and integrative nutrition coaching. We are dedicated to serving the Upper Valley by helping clients reduce pain, inflammation, and other unwanted symptoms while reaching their optimal level of health. Clients working with us learn how to support their bodies' self-healing mechanisms through dietary and lifestyle changes that are easily integrated into their lives. This is done by highly customized coaching programs based on individual needs,  goals, dietary preferences, personality & career. 


Our Services

River Valley Health & Wellness offers three levels of one-on-one coaching options,  making access to integrative nutrition & health coaching available to all. We will dig deep into your bio-individuality to find the foods you will love & lifestyle you desire. Your self-awareness will be enriched with education in dietary theories, self-care techniques, and the connectivity of lifestyle choices with health. There is no one-size fits all plan or magic pill for health, all the answers are within you. Together we will decode the messages your body is giving you and find strategies for success.

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What Is a Health Coach?

If you have ever played a sport, you have had a coach that tells you the plays you need to execute, skills to practice for your best game, and strategies to win. On your journey to wellness, a coach fills the same role. A coach guides clients into self-awareness, aids in the interpretation of symptoms as messages from the body, and strategizes ways to maximize health based on individual needs, wants, and likes.  Your body listens to your mind, and supported with newly acquired healthy habits, the body CAN heal itself.

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We are located at 103 Hanover St. #14 Lebanon, NH within Upper Valley Chiropractic.


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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

— Hippocrates